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Relax Body Oil

  • Relax Body Oil

Fragrance - Rich, deep, earthy, with a quiet sweetness. Impossible to describe.

Lavender calms providing a mild sedative quality to encourage deeper sleep
Famed for its cellular regeneration properties, Frankincense instantly relieves tension and is a proven skin-rejuvenator
Blue Chamomile encourages stillness and reflection and eases sleep
This blend also contains Petitgrain to soothe the nervous system, Clary Sage to re-balance the pituitary gland, and Vetiver which grounds and supports self-connection. Yogandha Relax was formulated through 3 years of meditation by yoga teacher, Sinead Duffy, to deeply relax you.
Apply all over for immediate and deep relaxation. High Frankincense content provides incredible skin-rejuvenating properties making this an anti-aging face oil. Suitable for massaging kids – will help them to sleep and great for bonding too. Turns a bath into a deeply hypnotic sleep-inducing ritual.

Mantra: pratistham dhehi (may I rest in that nourishment)
Cautions: External use only. Not suitable for pregnancy.

Use within 6 months of opening. 125ml each


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